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Web design projects

The Case for Web Accessibility The Web must be accessible to provide equal access and equal opportunity to people with diverse abilities. Indeed, the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities recognizes access to information and communications technologies, including the Web, as a basic human right.

Accessibility supports social inclusion for people with disabilities as well as otherssuch as older peoplepeople in rural areas, and people in developing countries.

Accessibility also benefits people without disabilities.

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The Web Accessibility Perspectives video shows examples of how accessibility is essential for people with disabilities and useful for everyone in a variety of situations. There is also a strong business case for accessibility. Accessibility overlaps with other best practices such as mobile web designdevice independence, multi-modal interaction, usability, design for older usersand search engine optimization SEO.

Case studies show that accessible websites have better search results, reduced maintenance costs, and increased audience reach, among other benefits. Examples of Web Accessibility Properly designed websites and tools can be used by people with Web design projects.

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However, currently many sites and tools are developed with accessibility barriers that make it difficult or impossible for some people to use them. Below are just a few examples.

If alt text isn't provided for images, the image information is inaccessible, for example, to people who cannot see and use a screen reader that reads aloud the information on a page, including the alt text for the visual image.

Web design projects

When equivalent alt text is provided, the information is available to people who are blind, as well as to people who turn off images for example, in areas with expensive or low bandwidth.

It's also available to technologies that cannot see images, such as search engines.


Keyboard Input Some people cannot use a mouse, including many older users with limited fine motor control. An accessible website does not rely on the mouse; it makes all functionality available from a keyboard. Then people with disabilities can use assistive technologies that mimic the keyboard, such as speech input.

Transcripts for Audio Just as images aren't available to people who can't see, audio files aren't available to people who can't hear. Providing a text transcript makes the audio information accessible to people who are deaf or hard of hearing, as well as to search engines and other technologies that can't hear.

It's easy and relatively inexpensive for websites to provide transcripts. There are also transcription services that create text transcripts in HTML format. However, if you are new to accessibility, it takes some time and effort to learn the common issues and solutions.

Here are places to start: Accessibility Principles — introduces accessibility requirements and international standards. Easy Checks - A First Review — helps you start testing the accessibility of a web page and understand some common accessibility barriers.

Tips for Getting Started — provides some basic considerations for designing, writing, and developing. Some accessibility barriers are more complicated to avoid and the solutions take more development time and effort.

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Using authoring tools that support accessibility makes it easier for web developers. Browsers also play a role in accessibility.

These roles are explained in Essential Components of Web Accessibility. Web Accessibility Initiative WAI at W3C The W3C Web Accessibility Initiative WAI brings together people from industry, disability organizations, government, and research labs from around the world to develop guidelines and resources to help make the Web accessible to people with auditory, cognitive, neurological, physical, speech, and visual disabilities.

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This section also includes information on how to make pages accessible to people with disabilities (WCAG), to. 21 jaw-dropping UI demos to inspire you. These Codepen HTML projects with source code are ready for you to use on your next website design.

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