Strategic plan ebola breakout

Emergencies We need to act and invent the future of this Ebola outbreak, rather than just make predictions. The current Ebola outbreak, the most severe and complex in history, is now making its impact felt worldwide. Communities in West Africa have witnessed horrific scenes of infected people dying with symptoms of severe bleeding.

Strategic plan ebola breakout

Indian Strategic Studies: The Ebola Outbreak

The current outbreak of Ebola in Western Africa has already claimed the lives of 2, people and leading international health organizations predict the number may reach ten times that amount before the virus has run its course. There is currently no cure or vaccine for Ebola and it is doubtful that one will be discovered during the outbreak.

Strategic plan ebola breakout

Local and international health workers are being pushed beyond their limits as they attempt to save as many lives as possible by identifying the sick who are often reluctant to leave their homestreating the infected patients with limited resources, and attempting to prevent the further spread of the virus through on-the-ground public health education campaigns.

Review the materials listed below that have been assembled for you by a team of experts. Read about the Epidemiologic Triangle. Explore as many of the resources below as you can.


The information is organized into three categories: Agent — the microbe that causes the disease Host — the organism harboring the disease Environment — the external factors that allow disease transmission 3.

After you have finished your research, use what you have learned to complete the Ebola outbreak: For more information from the CDC about Ebola visit their website.Post date: 17 Sep Meaningful Connections: Exploring Engagement in Human Services is Theme of Connection Agency Conference.

The Connection has finalized the schedule for its annual conference on Meaningful Connections: Exploring Engagement in Human Services.

Free ebola virus papers, essays, and research papers. The Strategic Plan focuses on prevention, detection, treatment, and response in order to reduce cases and deaths, and prevent the spread of the disease within the DRC and to other countries. Ebola outbreak: strategic plan – assessment The mission of an epidemiologist is to break at least one of the sides of the Triangle, disrupting the connection .

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Using the experimental rVSV-ZEBOV vaccine, this is the first time in the history of the Congo that vaccination was an integral part of the government’s response plan to an Ebola outbreak. WHO Strategic Response Plan: West Africa Ebola Outbreak Health Organization. and approaches required to control and end this Ebola outbreak.


WHO is still engaged on the front line, implementing many of the major health strategy for stopping this unprecedented outbreak and to provide the basis for.

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