Non thesis masters chemistry

Students successfully completing up to ten 10 hours in this option may be invited to pursue the thesis-option M. Opportunity for this change will be based on performance and the availability of space in the thesis-option program.

Non thesis masters chemistry

Master of Sciences, Non-thesis Option Master of Sciences, Non-thesis Option The objective of this non-thesis MSc program is to provide an alternate pathway for students to complete an MSc degree in chemistry or biochemistry that does not involve an in-depth research project and thesis.


This degree option is intended for students whose personal interests or current work responsibilities lower the desirability of conducting the required research courses for the thesis-based MSc degree. K teachers, non-traditional students, and employees of local industry who want to earn an MS degree for promotions or to meet eligibility requirements for teaching positions at community colleges may wish to pursue this degree option.

For example, a student pursuing an MSc in biochemistry will likely have majored in molecular biology or in a related biology sub-discipline. Students should not apply to the MSc program if they do not intend to complete the program.

Entering the program represents a commitment by the student to do everything possible to reach completion. Students who eventually wish to pursue a PhD program in chemistry or biochemistry should opt instead to enroll in the thesis option program. Students who wish to pursue a business career, but who also want to have technical knowledge at the graduate level in chemistry and biochemistry should consult the brochure describing the MSc, Chemistry with Business option and the MSc, Biochemistry with Business option to be submitted separately.

Master of Science - Chemistry

Program Goals Upon completion of the non-thesis option MSc degree program, students will have: A broad knowledge of the basic areas of chemistry and biochemistry, with specific sub-areas of concentration. An overall view of recent advances in chemistry and biochemistry.

The ability to communicate science clearly in written and oral forms. The ability to comprehend, search, and use the scientific literature.

Had opportunities to work as a team to discuss and solve scientific problems. Requirements MSc non-thesis option students must meet the following departmental requirements: For students applying from other accredited institutions, the GRE is required with a combined score in the 50th percentile or higher.

The GRE is required with a combined score in the 50th percentile or above. Additionally, students must take a placement exam chosen by the MSc Director. Enrollment in certain undergraduate courses will be required to offset any deficiencies indicated by the placement exam.

In consultation with the MSc Director, choose an MSc advisor prior to the end of the first semester in the program. This must be completed by the end of the first semester in the program. Candidates must complete a minimum of 30 semester hours of graduate credit according to the following requirements: At least 21 credit hours must come from level lecture courses in chemistry and biochemistry taken at UCCS.

Non thesis masters chemistry

Up to 6 credit hours of level coursework may be taken in a related discipline e. To establish breadth in knowledge, the chemistry option candidate must complete at least one course in each of four out of five sub-disciplines of chemistry analytical, biochemistry, inorganic, organic, physical.Non-thesis students will have to write a document describing their Advanced Biological Project.

This document is less involved than the thesis and is not necessarily expected to be published.

Jun 09,  · Master's Degree in Chemistry, Non-Thesis Option The objective of the non-thesis M.S. program is to provide an alternate pathway for students to obtain an M.S. degree in chemistry that does not involve an in-depth research project or a thesis. There are also graduate chemistry schools that offer programs with non-thesis options.

These may be designed to provide students with the skills they might need for . The non-thesis M.S.

Non thesis masters chemistry

degree program is intended primarily for students currently employed in a chemically related industry. Full-time, non-thesis M.S. students are required to complete all of the requirements for their degree within four years.

The Chemistry Department offers two master's degree programs: Non-Thesis Program Requirements; Thesis Program. Requirements; Thesis Advisory Committee; Non-Thesis Program.

The UMass Lowell chemistry department has an approved Non-Thesis Master of Science in Chemistry (NTMC) degree. Master's Thesis vs. Non-thesis. kovi Registered User in the catalog of my school chemistry coursework master's, for example, is listed to be for those who are preparing to go into teaching or to apply to a PhD program in chemistry non-thesis program is best only if you think you can complete it at least one year faster than non-thesis.

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