Moving u s white collar jobs offshore

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Moving u s white collar jobs offshore

White-collar jobs moving abroad A spate of new studies points to an exodus of skilled labor, from high-tech to financial services.

July 29, By Stacy A. Teicher Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor For decades, Americans watched as manufacturing plants set up shop overseas to capitalize on cheap labor.

Ross Perot immortalized the anger many workers felt, vividly terming the potential exodus of jobs to Mexico that "giant sucking sound.

No longer is it just Disney toys and Nike shoes made in Haiti and Indonesia. The result is a growing backlash from unionists, contract workers, and erstwhile techies with time on their hands. More broadly, the trend raises a pointed question in an age of globalization: Is sending certain jobs offshore - even high-tech ones - better for the US economy, or does it just amount to more pink slips for American workers?

The number of such jobs now outsourced - from information technology IT to architecture - is less than half a percent of the US workforce.

But it may grow fast: Oracle, for instance, already has 2, employees in India and expects to move 2, software-development jobs, plus accounting, payroll, and customer-service positions. Competition or a zero-sum game?

Granted, projecting to is risky. By staying competitive, the theory goes, companies will strengthen their positions in the new global order.

Moving u s white collar jobs offshore

North America will still lead the technology revolution, the report says, partly because of a willingness to engage in "creative destruction" to stay on the innovative edge. But others - particularly those whose jobs are lost - see overseas outsourcing as a zero-sum game, with US workers sacrificed for corporate profits.

In the past six months, as his union has led protests against offshoring plans at Microsoft and elsewhere, its e-mail list has grown from 2, to more than 15, Last week, the group publicized a recording - received from an IBM employee - of IBM senior executives on a conference call in March, talking of the need to send more jobs overseas, though acknowledging that it would upset domestic workers.

Hundley of RAND attributes job loss to the current economic doldrums, and says it will ebb. And the potential that some jobs are gone for good raises the question of how the economy can weather what seems, in turns, a boon and a blow.

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Critics caution that while executives are under extreme pressure to cut costs, some of them may be too quick to outsource jobs higher up on the spectrum of creativity and skill.

Offshoring, she says, is an irreversible trend, but "roles that create a lot of value will not go overseas, and more of those will develop as the industry matures. But he wants companies to see American employees as more than numbers.

His is just one voice in a chorus gaining strength - and numbers - as offshoring gains steam. About half a dozen states are considering laws to make sure state contract work is performed within US borders.

Bivens of the Economic Policy Institute. Goode - and plenty of others - will clamor for government to do just that.A relative shortage of U.S.

talent exacerbates the problem.

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Moving u s white collar jobs offshore

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