Indian logistics case study

They are also one of the leading carriers for consignments from anywhere in the country, who provide customers with a personal, cost-effective service enabling the transportation of all types of equipment to be delivered in perfect condition and on time, projecting the image the customer deserves. Today, for efficiently handling the involved operational demands, they have 5 trucks, 5 small cargos, 20 trailers, 15 large utility vehicles with 40 hydraulic axles and other logistic vehicles that include special long trailers. The Requirement They required a solution to help them track their assets and at the same time make use of their existing infrastructure.

Indian logistics case study

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August 24, Felecia Stratton To help shippers understand UPS's recent surcharge increases, Spend Management Experts, a supply chain spend management consultancy, outlines the carrier's new fees and their potential impact.

Read More August 24, Tamara Chapman Ensuring summer foods make it to consumers fresh and intact ain't no picnic. Kroll Independent footwear chain Browns Shoes reduced order lead time and more quickly filled e-commerce orders with an order management system.

Read More A Fresh Look at Intermodal August 22, Tom Gresham With driver shortage and capacity issues affecting trucking, once wary shippers are taking a different view of rail intermodal. Read More August 21, Tom Derry Supply chain managers can maximize their value by upgrading their competencies and business acumen.

Read More August 18, Julie Gibbs Here's what shippers can do to understand the proposed tariffs on imports from China.

Read More Setting New Standards: The implications of a successful UX make it way more than just a satisfaction ranking. Kroll Shippers can take several steps to rein in airfreight costs. Baxter International, one of the major suppliers, manufactures the products in the U.

-A Case Study from a Practitioner Perspective Anindita Adhikary, of Indian logistics and supply chain practices has noticeably been behind the global trend. As study, under consideration endeavors to proceed at a micro level to shorten the apparent gap. Li & Fung Limited is a Hong Kong based supply chain manager primarily for US and EU brands, department stores, hypermarkets, specialty stores, catalogue-led companies, and e-commerce sites.. Li & Fung was founded in in Canton and is headquartered in Hong Kong. As of , apparel makes up around two-thirds of the business, with furniture and home furnishings, beauty and personal care. Great Logistics Sites & Services Leading the Way. In logistics, two Ws are most important — where and when. Choosing the right sites and services is vital in getting your products where they need to go, when they need to get there.

As a result, many hospitals in the United States suffered an acute shortage of the critical resource. Read More Driverless Trucks: A Different Idea August 15, Brittain Ladd There is so much effort and capital being directed at wanting to make trucks driverless, but if you don't need the driver, why do you need the truck?

Read More Disruptive Technologies Shake Up Supply Chains August 14, Poornima Apte When efficiency is the primary focus in integrated supply chain management, every little bit that helps to tighten both front- and back-end processes helps.

Indian logistics case study

Increasingly, companies in a variety of verticals are achieving such efficiencies by leaning on disruptive technologies. Disruption Down the Road August 14, Merril Douglas As electric and autonomous vehicles, and new business models shift into gear, automakers and their suppliers will need more than GPS to navigate the bumpy terrain.

Read More Internal Audits: Read More Footwear E-Tailers: Shoe Me The Money August 13, Sandra Beckwith As e-commerce continues to grow, footwear brands and retailers benefit from continually increasing sales.

August 13, Bill Keough Humanitarian supply chains have an opportunity to employ best practices in performance management to make their donor dollars go far further than they do today.

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If you lead a humanitarian supply chain, what can you do? Read More Safely Transporting Cold Chain Pharmaceutical Products August 12, Pharmaceuticals typically require special attention and handling throughout the supply chain.

Consider the following attributes in a potential transportation provider. August 12, Paul A. Myerson While many challenges arise from an omnichannel retail strategy, supply chain professionals must rise to the occasion and stay ahead of these changes.

August 12, Noel Perry After nine years of regulatory changes almost every year, we are looking at no new regulation until or The sharp change in the regulatory environment will change the market direction: Coretex surveyed U.

Read More Industrial Development Returns to the Rails August 11, Steven Pastor Led by a new crop of innovative executives, modern Class 1 railroads, along with real estate professionals, are responding to new logistics demands and spearheading substantial rail-oriented industrial development projects across the nation.

August 11, Robert Walters There are value points in managing information gathered from a strong TMS system that can also provide a solid pre-audit program to double check accuracy of bills before payment.

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Read More A Sweet deal: Read More The Future of Supply Chain Visibility August 10, Martin Hubert We are evolving to the point where we can share information between members of the supply chain, automate processes such as ordering, quotation and route optimization, and collaboratively work together to manage the exceptions.

Read More Manufacturers Take on Amazon August 8, Felecia Stratton In response to the "Amazon effect" and today's consumer demands, manufacturers are reprioritizing and focusing their technology investments on inventory optimization solutions 43 percent and integrated planning and execution technologies 41 percentaccording to findings from JDA Software's Intelligent Manufacturing Survey.

Read More Special Projects: Navigating Every Twist and Turn August 8, Tamara Chapman Logistics professionals called on to execute an outside-the-box project need to think across dimensions and time zones while planning for every eventuality.

Read More August 8, When a customer needed help with an inefficient consolidation process, Celadon Logistics created a solution. Read More An American in Paris: Use these tips to keep your cargo safe.Free Case Study, Case Studies, IBS Case Development Centre Asia Pacific’s largest repository of Management Cases covering all the areas of Case Studies in Business Management, Strategy, Marketing, Corporate Governance Organizational Behavior, Corporate Social Responsibility, Business, Economics, Finance, HRM, Public Private Partnership, Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Finance and .

The Aditya Birla Online Fashion (abof) store is Indian conglomerate Aditya Birla’s initial venture into e-commerce. Founded in , abof provides apparel, footwear, and accessories for men and women, with delivery and customer care services established for cities across India.

All-Indian logistics services Case: Imports and Exports every month between Delhi and Mumbai. Export: bathroom fittings and spares, machine spares and .

Read all customer case studies and success stories, powered by the AWS cloud. AWS provides cloud computing services to hundreds of thousands of customers. GCEL’s released its recently completed G20 Nations Case Study, providing the foundation for the launch of the Digital Economy Platform to be deployed by the world’s leading technology firms.

Indian logistics case study

Maritime Services: i-maritime’s focus has been on consulting assignments covering the entire maritime industry and its related practice areas.

i-maritime not only provides in-depth knowledge but also provides assessment and analysis that address the demands of the client.

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