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Ilm essay

How to Write a Summary of an Article? Ilm Developing Yourself and Others Know how to identify development needs 1. After completion of the test on myself I have discovered that I have a learning style of Logical — Mathematical, with a majority score of 37, closely followed by Interpersonal with a score of 32, see Appendix 1.

These individuals tend to think conceptually about numbers, relationships and patterns. Characteristics of Logical-Mathematical Intelligence are: During the course of my career and training aspects I believe that I learn and develop in a methodical and analytical way.

I execute mathematical calculations, detecting irregularities and patterns, creating resolutions to issues that have been identified, plus producing a strategy to achieve successful working systems within my role. After completing the MI test myself I then requested a member of my team Jane Doe to complete the same learning styles questionnaire to see what type of style they were.

On completing the questionnaire she scored equally n 3 areas; Linguistic, Logical-Mathematical and Intrapersonal, see Appendix 2 People who are strong in linguistic intelligence are able to use words well, both when writing and speaking.

These individuals are typically very good at writing stories, ability to learn languages, memorizing information and reading.

They tend to learn best by reading, taking notes, listening to lectures, and by discussing and debating about what they have learned. The characteristics of Linguistic Intelligence are as follows: They tend to enjoy self-reflection and analysis, including day-dreaming, exploring relationships with others and assessing their personal strengths.

The characteristics of Intrapersonal Intelligence are: I have listed the potential barriers below: There are a number of solutions for Jane and I to be able to overcome the barriers to learning that was mentioned above: Jane and I need to ensure workload is organised and prioritised, and possibly get other staffs assistance to ensure work load does not get behind.

Also have regular progress reviews in order for her to measure her personal achievements and progress. Jane would be able to get local public transport and costs would be reimbursed by the school.

Know how to develop self and others to achieve organisational objectives 2. After studying and analysing the SWOT analyse and appraisals completed earlier in the year, I have identified various learning opportunities for Jane and I. After undertaking my appraisal in December it was identified that I required further training on leadership and management of others.

I felt that this was a significant area to develop as I had never received any training on managing staff, yet I have line managed several numbers of staff over the years. Another area that I found to have a weakness in is Health and Safety Management.

I currently line manage a member of staff who has the responsibility for the Health and Safety of the school, pupils and staff. I currently have limited knowledge in this area and believe that this is an important area to improve to ensure I can manage the member of staff and her role efficiently.

The member of staff is currently attending a diploma course in Health and Safety, which was organised by me through school.

I have also arranged for myself to attend a 2 day workshop on Health and Safety within the workplace. I also feel this is the same for my team that manages the day to day processing of personnel matters, including contracts, sickness, maternity leave and much more.

With her lack of confidence this sometimes affects her customer service, therefore I have arranged for a customer service course to be done at the school so Jane and 14 other staff receive training in this remit.

Also to improve her confidence within the work place I ensure I give her tasks that encourages her to leave the sanctuary of the office and work with other colleagues in the school. This is an expensive course and I have arranged for the school to contribute funds towards the costs of this course.

Jane will also be attending a one day seminar that I have arranged in relation to HR and Recruitment policies and procedures.


I have also arranged for some training to be provided to Jane, by me, on the payroll system so she can learn how to process timesheets, unpaid leave, and sickness pay. Again this is another vital area for Jane to develop in to enable her to progress in the future in her career.

The development of my needs and the needs of my team are always connected to the service provided to the school and to improve their professional development. For me, Jane and all other members within my team there are a number of significant support mechanisms in place.

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Termly 3 times a year 1: Prepare a development plan to achieve a learning objective either for self or another team member.vivaldi spring movement 1 analysis essay essay on sound mind lives in a sound body of water rahbar medical and dental college lahore admissions essay steven doloff.

 ILM Level 3 Certificate in Leadership and Management Name: Unit Code: Unit Title: UNDERSTANDING LEADership AC Describe the factors that will influence the choice of leadership styles or behaviours in the work place AC Autocratic Leader Autocratic leadership, also known as authoritarian leadership is a leadership style .

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Ilm essay

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