House project

Our Philippine house building project. What we learned about plumbing in the Philippines when we built our modest dream home on Panay Island. For the Westerner, many Philippine bathrooms are just too small.

House project

Software tools and global online user interface development 2. Smart parametric design and engineering 3. Development of XL 3D printers and print network 4.

Development of new bio-based, sustainable and recyclable materials and product innovation The house is made of many printed elements. The word is out! Aectual will be present at Milan Salone del Mobile, and is listed as one of the 7 must see Dutch l… https: Architectonisch 3D printen krijgt vleugels door kapitaal-injectie https: Proud of Tech startup Aectual and their new milestone with major investment!

What is the future role of the Architect? We were live the Radio 1 studio. Check out all the cool brands, personalities and desi… https: Together with construction studio Fiction Factory we are assembling and installing the XL 3D printer on the building site.

The Ballard House Project

We are super excited to start working with it and experience its upgraded features! The second silver container can be spotted next to the first XL 3D printer on the site.

With a similar shiny silver appearance to the first printer, it doesn't give much away about its improved features. But beauty comes from within: And we never have to climb the steep stair to refill the printer anymore.

Moreover, we can upload files when and wherever we want. XL 3D printer 2. We recently broke our speed record with the first XL 3D printer. That is the size of your water bottle every second. Soon we will be able to print not just twice as fast with two printers, but more than three times as fast!

December 11, Less than one year ago we moved the XL 3D printer to its current location. Now Fiction Factory is building up the second XL 3D printer - soon we'll be able to print more, better and faster!

Fans attached to the printer head October 8, By attaching two powerful fans to the printer head of the XL 3D printer we are again able to print faster! This especially benefits the parts of pieces that have a small surface area.

Before, we had to slow down the printer with these pieces because the track it has to follow is smaller, thus leaving less time for the previous layer to harden. The fans quicken the hardening process of the previous layer, allowing us to print faster and more accurate.

XL 3D printer is now printing 3 times as fast! September 12, With the update of its engine, the XL 3D printer is now printing at more than three times its initial speed! Since we didn't want to climb the steep stairs anymore to refill the printer every 20 minutes or so, we've printed an enlargement of the container that holds the printing material.

XL 3D printer on the move! Now It won't be long before we can 3D print on site! Test bench printed with new material December 9, The start of a test print with a new hotmelt from Henkel.

August 12, The canal house design continues to evolve and our tests continue to grow as we break the 2. We had a nice analogue presentation and discussion about the effects and future possibilities of 3D printing.

Augmented reality March 15, Adding virtual layers to our canal house! We had a very nice meeting with augmented reality artist Sander Veenhof, testing the merging of 3D printing and augmented reality. January 17, The KamerMaker has been printing during the recent snow period!The Waterhouse Project is a supperclub and private dining experience based in Bethnal Green, East London.

It is run by Gabriel Waterhouse formerly of 1 Michelin stared Galvin La Chapelle and three times Michelin stared chef Herber Berger at Innholders Hall.

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House project

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