Criminology the evolution of crime essay

Edit Evolutionary theory is a broad based view that certain types of sexual behavior are genetic and passed down from one generation to another through the process of evolution, natural sex, and survival.

Criminology the evolution of crime essay

Use an editor to spell check essay. The need for study of criminal science which includes criminology, penology, and criminal law essentially emanates out of the psychological apprehension about insecurity of life, liberty and property of the people.

Criminology the evolution of crime essay

It is the lust for wealth, satisfaction of baser urges, hatred or suspicion for one another that tends people to follow criminal behavior and leads them to commit crime. The science of criminology therefore, aims at taking up case to case study of different crimes and suggest measures so as to infuse the feeling of mutual confidence, respect and co-operation among the offenders.

The recent penological reforms have achieved considerable success in this direction. The criminal law has been adequately modified to adapt itself to the modem reformative policies.

Liberalization of punishment for affording greater opportunities for rehabilitation of offenders through intensive after-care programs has been accepted as the ultimate object of penal justice. Some of the significant attributes of criminology are noted below: It presupposes the study of criminal with basic assumption that no one is born criminal.

It treats reformation as the ultimate object of punishment while individualization the method of it. Most criminologists and penologists generally agree that every criminal is corrigible if offered adequate opportunities through treatment methods.

The police, the lawyers, attorneys, judges, jurors, probation officers, detectives and other specialists such as psychologists, psychiatrists and sociologists, etc.

It tries to convince the offenders through punitive sanction that anti-social conduct on their part is bound to entail them punishment, misery, misfortune and dis-repute in society. The reformative treatment offered to first offenders, juvenile delinquents and insane criminals is intended to reform them as law-abiding members of society.

Various correctional methods are devised to achieve this purpose.

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The ultimate object is to render a crime-free society as far as possible with a view to attaining social harmony. This has led to an enormous increase in crime rate and many new crimes which were hitherto altogether unknown, have emerged. Thus, thefts of automobiles, shop-lifting, smuggling, cheating, financial scams, bank robberies, scandals, terrorist activities etc.

Again, white collar crimes have attracted the attention of criminologists in recent years. This in turn, has led criminal law administrators to devise new methods and techniques to tackle these problems through intensive scientific researches. The modern computer related crimes have thrown new challenges before criminal law administrators throughout the world.

Besides internet gambling, on-line pornography, the menace of drug-trafficking through computer-shopping and illegal downloading of money in transit are some of the cyber-crimes which are coming to light in recent years.

Thus, modem criminologists keep themselves acquainted with the new criminological developments and work out strategies to tackle these intricate problems for the protection of society.Crime scene fingerprints may be detected by simple powders, or some chemicals applied at the crime scene; or more complex, usually chemical techniques applied in specialist laboratories to appropriate articles removed from the crime scene.

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. Criminology: The Evolution of Crime Essay Words 5 Pages Criminology has evolved over history into becoming a discipline all its own, along the way it grew and developed from a multiple sources of disciplines to become an integration of various theories. Criminology essay.

Cesare Beccaria is known for his revolutionary role in the sphere of criminal science.

Criminology the evolution of crime essay

And his writings were the turning point for the criminal science in terms of the evolution of crime punishment. His writings attracted the attention of the public and authorities breaking the ancient views and raising a question of. criminology, criminal justice - The History and Evolution of Punishment for Crime.

My Account. The History and Evolution of Punishment for Crime Essay. The History and Evolution of Punishment for Crime Essay. Length: words (7 double-spaced pages) Rating: Term Papers.

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Open Document. Essay Preview. The incarceration rate in the . The Role of Forensic Psychology. This 15 page paper provides an overview of the field of forensic psychology. In addition, theories of criminology are explored and the interrelationship between the study of crime, forensic psychology and the law is discussed.

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