Celebrities should have the right to privacy

The Price of Fame:

Celebrities should have the right to privacy

These may have been published and shared by thousands of people — and seen by many more. This poses the question: Since the Human Rights Act came into force inpeople have been able to assert these rights before the UK courts. However, both rights are qualified or restricted rights — meaning they can be limited in certain situations.

In the case of celebrity stories or photographs, Articles 8 privacy and 10 expression often come into conflict. The rights to privacy and free expression are of equal importance legally, so it can be a challenge to strike a balance between them.

An Example Image credit: The pictures, showing the Royal couple relaxing at a private villa, had been taken from a distance with a long-lens camera. The magazine nonetheless argued there was a public interest in the relationship of future heirs to the throne.

The French court decided in favour of the Duke and Duchess and awarded compensationshowing that a distinction should be made between what the public are interested in and what is actually in the public interest. While many people may wonder what Royalty get up to on holiday, this is not enough to justify the invasion of privacy that the taking of clandestine photos leads to.

The Dilemma Image credit: This leads people, and often newspapers, to question whether they are in any position to criticise the media attention that surrounds them. The couple had sold the exclusive right to publish their wedding photos to OK!

Magazine had secretly obtained photos and published them first.

Celebrities should have the right to privacy

Because the couple had sold the rights to publish photos, this presented a tension in asserting their right to privacy before the courts. However, in a blow to right to privacy campaigners, he stressed that his ruling was based on the grounds of commercial confidentialitynot the right to privacy.

New Problems The real problem may no longer lie with newspaper editors in print, but with private individuals online. This presents an altogether different problem: Human rights are just that — they apply to us all. The question today is not whether celebrities have a right to privacy, but how the balance should be struck between privacy and free expression.

Social media has given us an even greater platform to exercise our freedom of expression, but our article 8 right to privacy remains just as important.Fox 5 NY, New York News, Breaking News, weather, sports, traffic, entertainment.

Celebrities do not have a right to privacy; it is the general public’s right to know everything about them." Celebrities are people known all over the world, they are the ones who everybody wants to know about, the ones who the paparazzi are always looking for, anytime.

This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the title Wen. If an internal link led you here, you may wish to change the link to point directly to the intended article. Leading me to believe that these celebrities we look up to, yes, they may get annoyed with cameras constantly in their faces but no, they have no right to ask for more privacy because they knew this would happen eventually.

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The furore over the Zeta-Jones wedding photos has confirmed that people - even celebrities - have a legal right to privacy.


But how, asks Marcel Berlins, will this affect the freedom of the press?

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