Apollo root cause analysis case studies

These are the control measures which did not prevent the incident or limit its consequences.

Apollo root cause analysis case studies

Gano as a result of his inability to find an effective method for solving safety problems encountered in his position within the nuclear power industry. While several problem-solving methods were available at the time, none were proven to be consistently effective.

No other Problem Solving course combines the analysis of critical thinking with the creative process so that effective solutions are found almost every time. In every endeavor, success depends directly upon our ability to solve problems.

Apollo root cause analysis case studies

Some people are better at solving problems than others. What makes them successful?

Apollo root cause analysis case studies

Successful problem solvers identify solutions that control one or more of the causes of the problem. Problems are nothing more or less than systems of cause and effect relationships.

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If you cannot clearly show how the problem occurred, how do you expect to resolve itor better yet eliminate it? Identifying cause and effect relationships makes finding solutions easier and more effective.

Attend this Workshop and learn the secrets of highly effective Problem Solvers. Workshop Description This course exposes common characteristics of ineffective problem solving so Practitioners or Facilitators can recognize and prevent the analysis team — RCA Participants — from falling into non-value added discussions to help them get to effective solutions.

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Analysis Cycle and Quality are key factors. Course Outline and Hours Day 1:The purpose of this book is to share what the author has learned about effective problem solving by exposing the ineffectiveness of conventional wisdom and presenting a principle-based alternative called Apollo Root Cause Analysis that is robust, yet familiar and easy to understand.

Jim Hicza Procurement Manager Table of Contents Executive Summary Page 1 Table of Contents Page 2 List Issues with Impact Analysis Page 3 Environmental & Root Cause Analysis Page 4 Alternatives and / or Options Page 6 Recommendation Page 7 Implementation Page 7 Monitor & Control Page 9 Appendix 1 Appendix 2 List of Issues with Impact Analysis Platinum is on the verge of major expansion.

Root Cause Analysis Toolkit For facilities that are new to conducting root cause analysis - and even for those who are more experienced - it can sometimes be difficult to establish a process that runs smoothly, is comfortable for participants, and leads to meaningful, focused discussions of system issues that may have contributed to events.

Apollo Root Cause Analysis: Apollo Root Cause Analysis Sep 5, / Comment / 79 views / / Favorite 0 Apollo Root Cause Analysis is about effective problem solving. What is Apollo RCA™ The Apollo Root Cause Analysis ™ – ARCA™ methodology was originally developed in the mid ’s by Dean L.

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Gano as a result of his inability to find an effective method for solving safety problems encountered in his position within the nuclear power industry. Root cause analysis requires specifying a date in order to be able to gauge change. In this case, the Apollo 1 fire took place on January 27, , around pm EST.

Where did it happen? Location is also an important contextual piece of information that root cause analysis necessarily takes into account.

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