An original research paper on post abortion syndrome disorder

Below is a list of typical reactions some may experience in the months or years following an abortion.

An original research paper on post abortion syndrome disorder

Review of available studies: Many studies have been conducted into the incidence and nature of post-abortion syndrome PAS. Some have been " Warren of Oregon State University 8,9 of the actual psychological risks to adolescents of terminating a pregnancy noted that purported risks have been used to justify restricting women's access to abortion.

Severe depression and loss of esteem can follow. Providers who do not comply fully with the law will be liable for damages, including 'wrongful death'. Some studies have found that women who have had an abortion have higher rates than others of some types of depression disorders, anxiety, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, and more mental health problems overall.

An original research paper on post abortion syndrome disorder

Other studies have found no association between abortion and adverse outcomes, including depression, anxiety and low self-esteem. The panel found no credible evidence that terminating an unwanted pregnancy causes mental health problems in adult women; it also noted that some studies suffered from serious methodological flaws.

Their paper appeared in the Harvard Review of Psychiatry during the fall of An article abstract of that review states: By way of contrast, we review some recent major studies that avoid these methodological errors.

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Educating researchers, clinicians, and policymakers how to appropriately assess the methodological quality of research about abortion outcomes is crucial. Further, methodologically sound research is needed to evaluate not only psychological outcomes of abortion, but also the [adverse] impact of existing legislation and the effects of social attitudes and behaviors on women who have abortions.

An original research paper on post abortion syndrome disorder

Mood-related memory effects also may bias recall of both the abortion experience and the timing of previous psychiatric episodes —- especially if many years have passed. Later feelings about abortion may be influenced by subsequent reproductive experiences, failure to recall the circumstances leading to the decision to abort, current depression related to stressful life events, or the effects of public campaigns attributing psychological problems to abortion.

An unwanted pregnancy is different from an unplanned pregnancy. Women with unwanted pregnancies are more likely to suffer from a number of co-occurring life stressors, including childhood adversity, relationship problems, exposure to violence, financial problems, and poor coping capacity, all of which contribute to emotional distress.

These factors increase the risk of poor mental health, whether or not a woman has an abortion. Many used the respondents personal descriptions of their memories of depression rather than a clinical diagnosis of depression from a professional at the time. Most of the studies did not ask about positive outcomes -- like a feeling of relief or a satisfaction with their decision.

It is unclear whether the poor quality studies on PAS were caused by incompetence or the desire to support an ideology, or both, or neither. In the fall ofthe Board of Trustees of the American Psychiatric Association approved a resource document titled: Many studies attribute postabortion mental states to the abortion itself without providing adequate control for pre-abortion mental states, despite the literature suggesting that previous psychiatric history is the most consistent predictor of post-abortion psychiatric disorder.

An original research paper with bibliography on post abortion syndrome. May 21, The percentage of female and male infertility causes is similar (40%), and. of Abortion on Women An Original Research Paper on Post Abortion Syndrome Disorder By: Jessica Lawlor. Table of Contents Introduction Review of Literature Psychological Effects of Abortion Symptoms of Post Abortion Syndrome Causes of Post Abortion Syndrome Diagnostic Criteria for Post Abortion Syndrome. Post Abortion Syndrome Post Abortion Stress Syndrome (PAS) affects everyone and is a form of post-traumatic stress disorder. The process of making an abortion choice, experiencing the procedure and living with the grief, pain and regret is certainly, at its very core, traumatic.

Moreover, past psychiatric history itself may be associated with predisposition to unwanted pregnancy. For instance, rape or incest might result in unwanted pregnancies.

Once pregnant, others might pressure the woman to have or not have an abortion, and the woman might avoid discussing her decision with others, thereby narrowing her support network.

Studies in Scandinavia found that suicide rates were higher among women who had had an abortion when compared with women who had given birth.Abortion PTSD.

Abortion PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) or Post-Abortion Syndrome Symptoms Choosing abortion can be a traumatic experience for everyone involved. An original research paper with bibliography on post abortion syndrome.

May 21, The percentage of female and male infertility causes is similar (40%), and. An original research paper on the Long Term Physiological and Psychological Effects of Abortion on the health of Women, both their physical and emotional health including thoughts of suicide and on their ability to be a mother in the future.

Jan 21,  · A growing number of anti-abortion activists, despite social-science research, claim that women are traumatized by their abortions — and are trying to use this to reframe the abortion debate.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Term Paper Stress Paper Traumatic Post Disorder Term. Compassion Fatigue video explains compassion and research, and we are national leaders.

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