A brief history of public and

O pened on October 2,The Palace Hotel was the glorious final "gift" of the colorful -- but ill-fated -- William Chapman Ralston to his adopted home city of San Francisco.

A brief history of public and

Using stone axes the farmers began clearing the forests that covered England. They grew crops of wheat and barley and they raised herds of cattle, pigs and sheep. However as well as farming they also hunted animals such as deer, horse, and wild boar and smaller animals such as beavers, badgers and hares.

They also gathered fruit and nuts. At the same time the early farmers mined flint for making tools. They dug shafts, some of them 15 meters 50 feet deep. They used deer antlers as picks and oxen shoulder blades as shovels.

They also made pottery vessels but they still wore clothes made from skins. They erected simple wooden huts to live in. Moreover the early farmers made elaborate tombs for their dead. They dug burial chambers then lined them with wood or stone.

Over them they created mounds of earth called barrows. They also made mounds of stones called cairns. From about 2, BC in what is now England the Neolithic new stone age farmers made circular monuments called henges.

At first they were simple ditches with stones or wooden poles erected in them. The most famous henge is, of course, Stonehenge. It began as a simple ditch with an internal bank of earth.

Outside the entrance stood the Heel Stone. The famous circles of stones were erected hundreds of years later. Stonehenge was altered and added to over a thousand year period from BC to BC before it was finished. Metal artifacts appeared in England as early as 2, BC although it is believed they were imported.

By about 2, BC bronze was being made in England. The Bronze Age people also rode horses and they were the first people in England to weave cloth. Bronze age women held their hair with bone pins and they wore crescent shaped necklaces.

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This may have been because the population was rising and fertile land was becoming harder to obtain. Meanwhile the Bronze Age people continued to build barrows.

A brief history of public and

The dead were buried with useful artifacts. Presumably the living believed the dead would need these in the afterlife. Bronze Age people lived in round wooden huts with thatched roofs but nothing is known about their society or how it was organised.

However there were almost certainly different classes by that time. Tin and copper were exported from Britain along with animal hides.

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Jet and amber were imported for the rich. Celtic England Then about BC iron was introduced into England by a people called the Celts and the first swords were made. Warfare was common during the Iron Age and many hill forts fortified settlements were built at that time. Although there were also many open villages and farms.

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The Celts fought from horses or light wooden chariots. They threw spears and fought with swords. The Celts had wooden shields and some wore chainmail. Most of the Celts were farmers although were also many skilled craftsmen.

Some Celts were blacksmiths working with ironbronze smiths, carpenters, leather workers and potters. Celtic craftsmen also made elaborate jewelry of gold and precious stones. Furthermore objects like swords and shields were often finely decorated. The Celts decorated metal goods with enamel.1 A Brief History of Public Relations Public relations has been with us for thousands of years.

The Greeks had a word for it: sematikos: to signify, to mean. A Brief History: Public Employees’ Retirement System of Mississippi Teachers’ Retirement System of Mississippi (TRS) The predecessor plan to the Public Employees’ Retirement System of Mississippi (PERS) was created by House Bill , Laws of This bill was passed by the Legislature effective July 1, , creating the.

Migration from the original Cherokee Nation began in the early ’s as Cherokees, wary of white encroachment, moved west and settled in other areas of the country.

A Brief History. This was a time when America needed a new kind of agency to protect and defend against rampant. "The Unfinished" is the latest in a vibrant line of public art projects that have played a major role in reimagining and redesigning the L.A.

River. Brief History of the Radford Public Library The original library board of the Radford Area Public Library, which served both Radford and Montgomery County, was established on April 13, The board consisted of John Goldsmith, Chairman, W.T.

Baldwin, Vice-Chairman, Charles Roseberry, Treasurer, Dan Cannaday, and C.C. Shelburne.

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